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Hard Surface Texturing Tutorial for 3d Coat?


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Hi at all.


I am searching for some good hard surface texturing tutorials for 3d coat, but it seems i cant find some.

All that i find are for Photoshop or other apps.


I watched it, but i cant reproduce the learned in 3d coat.

Sometimes it is a to big difference.


Did anybody know some one?


Regards Malo


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Thanks, but not realy.

I know some of that or have watched in the last days.


Link 1+2 are the same and for PS.

Link 3 is for ??? this is not 3d coat.

Link 4 is from some 2d and 3d apps but still no 3d coat.

Link 5 is for PS again.


Maybe i have explained it wrong.

I want to know, how should i do it in 3d coat, not in Photoshop.

Or maybe did i missunderstanding something compledly, on how to create textures?


Any help would be nice.

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Hm, i mean textures.

How to paint an object like these in 3d coat?


These objects are textured in Photoshop.


I found a cool series for Blender, it was sponsored by 3d coat. Maybe some of you know it.


But he works with materials, shaders and nodes in GLSL, i cant reproduce that in 3d coat.


I hope that helps.



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I've got a texturing tutorial in the works, no date on when it'll be finished though. I ran into some issues, then projects, then more projects. That said, I should definitely have something out in the not too distant future, for texturing.

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No Problem.


I have tried to recreate the workflow from Blender to 3d coat.

Here is a quick result.





I have created for every Material like rust dirt and stuff like that an own Layer with a extra mask.

With mask i was able to hide some areas to create the scratches and other stuff.

What did you think about this workflow?


Correctly or is there a better way. Any infos would be nice,


I know there are ugly uvs and there was a bad import in Blender.

Pleas dont talk about this mistake. :blush:

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Ok i run into some problems.

Is there a way to overwrite depth?

Like this.


Layer 1


Layer 2


Both Layers



As far as i see, only the diffuse color get overwriten.

The Depth get mixed.


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For the technic, i have posted above, i use many layers and masks.

Every layer, works as own material with depth and spec values.

Let me explain it a little bit more detailed.


First i create a basic Metal Layer with Color, Spec and Depth.



Then i create a Rust Layer with Color, Spec and Depth.



Then i create a Lack Layer with Color, Spec and Depth.



Next step is to cut out some lack parts with a mask.



And at least i add some rust with a mask.



That are my layers.



Now the problem is this.



If i add the rust and paint over the base metal areas, i add the depth (yellow marked area) and it get mixed with the lack layer.

But i dont want it mixed.

The top layer depth should always overwrite the lower layer.



Thanks but i cant get it work with depth.

With color and spec is no problem.


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It works with all three channels. If you want to mask depth only, then you just need to create a new layer, copy contents of depth channel there (using copy channels), delete the depth from your original layer (you can always copy it back) and finally, apply the mask to the layer you copied depth to.

The top layer depth should always overwrite the lower layer.

I fully agree. If depth and specularity was treated in 3D Coat like colour is, we'd avoid many problems with depth/spec painting.


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Also do not forgot in the layer's panel there is on the right side of choosing your percentage of depth is a drop down arrow.  "Choose Maximum Depth". Do this for each depth layer.


This way you can control what depth is added or not... 


Choose different depths for the layers. Play around with it and you will get the idea of how it works. You can test the other settings as well in the drop down box...


Use both add and subjecting of depth when using your brush.


Another way is use the freeze painted pixels option for creating your mask. The process would be using a color and depth together. Next using the erase tool to remove the color and depth from selected areas. Next apply freeze painted pixels. Make a new layer and then create your new depth and a different color for that layer. Rinse and repeat till done. The colors would be base colors mainly used just to create all your depth first.


Remember I am only making suggestions and things that work for now in 3DCoat to what ever degree...


I like your idea about overwriting but not as default but added as a selection under the depth icon. Sometimes you do not want to overwrite depth but blend depth together.


In the picture the bottom layer starts on the right... bottom layer was set at 30% next 60% and final layer 100%


Models shown not for quality but only as quick examples.





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Thanks Digman.

This is very interesting with the Choose Maximum Depth, not the best, but i works better.

The  other ideas are good, but i think it is too much work.

And yes, you are right, maybe no overwrite by default, but as option in the drop down menu would be nice.

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I had a short texture session with the sten carbine today. Painting will probably take some time as there are lots of parts to cover. I'm recording everything, but I'll cut the boring stuff out and leave only what I think are the most important parts. I don't think anyone would be interested in watching some guy using the same technique on thirty something objects. I know I wouldn't.
I'm past through rough vertex-painting of a barrel sleeve, so still plenty of work to do. I'll texture some more this evening.




And by the way Malo, really good job with the gas tank.

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