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  1. Can someone explain what happened here? When I export textures from 3dcoat 2023 or V4 they always come out looking like this. Is there something I can do too prevent it from happening again in the future? This is what the textures where like from an earlier step before I exported them from 3dcoat.
  2. I have an issue. Spent one day of baking textures and every time it's appear this bug. After i getting normal result, where this bug appear in the hiden spot i saved thet result and thought its all over. But today i reopen file and he showed again in the front spot. I reopen file and he appeared in another spot. Every time, when i reopen file, bug showed in new spot. Even if i hide all layers. What is going on?
  3. Hi All, I put together a simple video to show new users and maybe others how to shuttle your model to different rooms for a complete workflow all in 3D Coat. Hope it's helpful to some! Best!
  4. Hi, Ill jump straight to the issue.. I'm in fracture room and I selected a vertexture in the panel provided. I used paint tool and I color in my Voxel sphere. The issue is the texture is not present but only the solid color. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to turn on something to allow for my textures to show through?
  5. Hi, Ill jump straight to the issue.. I'm in fracture room and I selected a vertexture in the panel provided. I used paint tool and I color in my Voxel sphere. The issue is the texture is not present but only the solid color. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to turn on something to allow for my textures to show through?
  6. I'm new to 3D, still getting the hang of things, so sorry if this is a silly question Everything looks fine in the viewport, but after exporting, the visor section of my texture isn't showing up (The main texture on the helmet is also coming out way darker than in 3DC (not my main issue though) I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing, just not sure what :P To clarify, I'm exporting specifically for Fallout 4 which requires Normal/Diffuse/Specular maps I've attached examples, and my export settings Is there something specific I need to do to have those elements come out correctly? Thanks in advance!
  7. It seems simple, but I just can't find an answer. I need to project a part of an image in my Texture Editor, right on the UVs. But as I'm trying to use projector it shows up only in 3D view. I found the tutorial where the guy do what I need to achive using PBR Material window by drug-and-drop the material to a Texture Editor, but when I try to drug-and-drop Smart materials they are not reacting. So how can I place part of an image to the spesific area of my UVs?
  8. 3DCoatGL64_GuqykS4vE4.mp4 The video above is very descriptive of the error. I have 2 objects in the paint room that i need to export, but 3D is shutting down. This is the file for download and testing: https://we.tl/t-Fb7KJsMP9T One thing that could be the error is the AUTOPO, it leaved some holes in the mesh, but i didn't bother to clean it. Thank you!
  9. Hi all, I'm really enjoying the smart materials, but I keep running into a snag. When I initially open 3DC and start working, selecting a smart material brings up the preview options at the top as well as a twirl down preview window to see the material applied to my model - sounds normal right? This works great, but if I inadvertently close the preview options (which also closes the preview window) then select another smart material, the options pop back up, but I can't for the life of me get the preview window to come back! I've looked at and clicked on everything I can think of to figure out the trick, but the best I could do was to get it to return when I open the smart material editor. Better than nothing, but it only stays as long as the window is open, and I have to close/reopen the editor if I want to try another material, which can get pretty tedious. Any ideas on how to call that preview window back permanently? Thanks!
  10. Hi, Would be great if we could import multiple textures via UDIMs in 3DCoat. Similar to other applications, when you import one texture that's a part of a UDIM set, all associated textures that are part of that UDIM are automatically loaded as well. Since 3DCoat supports the UDIM ID's would it be possible for 3DCoat to do also do this, and map the textures to the UV tiles (3DCoat UDIM's) Thanks.
  11. Hi, can anyone help?! So I've been working on a character for a while and I've just finished texturing it in 3DCoat. I have had to work on it in 3 different 3Dcoat files (Body, Armour and Boot) so my machine can handle it. I've wanted to move it in to blender to start rigging and add hair particles, so I've been using the 3DCoat Blender app link. For the most part it works perfectly accept for some certain objects. As you can see from the photos I've uploaded below in blender, the knuckle guards parts of the skin and the belt have weird texture errors. However when you look at them in 3dCoat there doesn't seem to be any errors. I've uploaded images of my export to blender settings to see if that could be the issue. Can anyone see what's causing this error and how to fix?! Much Appreciated
  12. I want to use seamless texture drawing by brush with alpha images. Snake scales over the whole body in my case. I have a number of 16 bit square seamless tiles for different scales but I can't find a way to do this... What brush to use? How to tune the brush to make tiles connected seamlessly? Texture screenshots of normal and depth maps are in attachment Help please!! Sergey
  13. excuse me, I have a question, I texturize in 3d coat, in the past I was able to export textures normally, but now when I export they don't appear in the folder I had exported Message #paint
  14. All, I posted the below message in a Godot forum.. in summary, my question is: how may I go about combining (exporting) intersecting sculpted objects into one object (hopefully without destroying the current paint job that I've done) OR export separate texture/materials so that I can load them all in Godot. I'm also open to any other best practices or ways that you would go about getting Godot to load the textures correctly that I have not spoken to here. Sorry if I am not clear, there is a bit of a learning curve and I'm doing my best to catch up as I just bought the software last week. Thank you all, Rainger I then received a few messages basically saying.. I also got the response..
  15. I am tying to texture paint my model but these lines appear at Vertices and Edges seemingly for no reason...https://streamable.com/wk9not https://i.imgur.com/IgOK9Ik.png
  16. There are lines appearing on certain parts of my mesh when I paint and fill areas, is there a way to fix this? Image link: https://i.imgur.com/IgOK9Ik.png Video: https://streamable.com/wk9not
  17. Hello! Tell me, please, why, when previewing, the clarity of the texture differs from applied to the model ???
  18. I'm currently texturing a character, and between the torso and the arms, there's a big ugly seam I want to get rid of. I've tried painting/blending over it in 3DCoat, or gone over it a bit to then carry on back in Photoshop. However, exporting the texture out and loading it in Photoshop just gives me a single image file and I lose all of my layers. What would be ideal is loading up my Photoshop file in Coat with all my layers and then exporting it back into Photoshop with all the layers in tact. Is this possible at all? Because when I tried doing it, I get this weird mess in 3DCoat... :-\
  19. Hi everyone, I am under a year new to 3DCoat and I love it so far. I purchased it right away knowing what it was capable of and specifically it seemed like the only 3D painting program that can work with Displacement textures and see it in realtime! Anyway, there was no tutorial for me, I asked questions and saw bits of info that came from various places and was a bit of a nightmare after buying a new piece of software and not knowing how to use it the way you need. So recently I put together a couple tutorials, a short version and more of a complete version. This video -the long one, was not intended to show off my art skills, I'm just dabbing areas with various textures while explaining how to and trouble shooting etc. I'd still like to improve the ability to have displacement work faster and maybe display better while painting. Perhaps if the lower poly model can be subdivided once or twice and while you paint a a front facing & distance based tessellation shader is used to help bring out the details that way you could potentially have subdivision on its highest level and have the same performance and maybe memory conservation with 100% fidelity but with the speed as if you were working on a lower poly model. So here is the tutorial if any one here has mastered working with Displacement with 3DCoat please let me know how I can improve the workflow or let me know if I explained something incorrectly. I was working with 8K Photo Scanned textures from RDT
  20. Hi ! I am a noob here... I started painting this after I model it in surface mode. In some points including all the grass the texture is very bad looking. The images that I am using to texture are 2048x2048 pixels or bigger. The preview looks awesome... I read the topic about the preview and understand that they will not look the same. But as you can see there are some points with very big difference. I marked the with red. I want to obtain the quality from the preview if possible or at least the good zones (marked with blue). Is a bad mesh surface or something ? (for me it looks like the surface is the problem, what s the best tool to divide the surface ?... or something like that). I imported it from rhino exported as .STL and has over 50 million triangles. Thank you !
  21. When I draw by material from the camera my drawing texture shifts http://take.ms/Ro4p5 What is responsible for this offset?
  22. Hey Guys, I'm not that familiar with 3D Coat yet. For awhile I was mostly using Blender but more recently i've also grown rather fond of 3D Coat especially with the UV Toolset, Voxel Sculpting, and Retopo Tools it has which I happen to like a lot better. I'm working on a first indie game I started with most of my models done so now I just need to texture them decently so that they all look decent when used together for game objects. Originally I was exporting the UV Image only then opening that in Photoshop since I have textures I would then map over it because I'm not very good at texture painting yet so that is why I have gone that route for the time being until I can figure it out better over the course of time. Now, in 3D Coat I am looking for that but I can't seem to do that? Is there no option or way to do that or am I missing it somewhere? I have poked around and tried to look for clues and made several attempts to figure this out more but other than messing around with it more until I get the results I desire. Any advice about this or could someone at least help point me in the right direction that has more experience than me with this?
  23. Hi! I have made a 3d scan of a starfish using the real sense camera SR300. I used 3D System Sense software. It outputted an .obj and an .mtl filetype. I used blender to clean up around the model. Then, I exported it from blender to 3dcoat as an .obj filetype. In 3Dcoat, I fixed up the mesh and the texture. I exported it as an .obj file type and put it into unity, but the texture is missing. The texture is visible on the mesh in 3dCoat, but it is not accessible through the Texture editor. I am at a loss. Can anyone help me figure out how to recover my texture, so that I can export the mesh and texture into unity? texture editor doesn't show the texture.. XOif I turn off layer 1texture visible in 3D coat, but not accessible..... ;/ I would be REALLY grateful if someone can help me out! Thanks! Leona S
  24. Good day, i cant apply texture on my 3d model even if my model have already UV and its not locked from paint objects. can someone help me please check the attached image thanks
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