These Options are the same as those you will find in the Voxel Room and offer you comprehensive control over your Brush behavior.
At the top of the panel is a preview of the Brush Alpha shape followed by a series of behavior controls.

Brush rotation: This sets the initial orientation of the alpha at the beginning of the stroke.
Zero pressure radius: When using a tablet stylus, this number indicates the default radius at the beginning of the brush stroke.
Depth modulator: The default depth for each brush being used.
Rotation amplitude: Sets the amplitude for additional brush rotation.
Radius variation: Sets the percentage of random brush radius variation.
Depth variation: Sets the percentage of random brush depth.
Opacity jitter: Defines the randomness of the brush opacity setting.
Jitter: The overall randomness of brush behavior.
Hue jitter: Defines the randomness of the brush hue when used for painting color.
Brightness jitter: Varies the brightness, randomly, over the course of a stroke.
Saturation jitter: Varies the saturation of the primary color, randomly, over the course of the stroke.
Vary color each stroke: Use this option to produce painting effects, like fur or hair, when you need to either vary the Hue/Saturation/Brightness as you paint a single stroke, (variegated strand color), or when you want each stroke made to have a slightly different Hue/Saturation/Brightness - as determined by the corresponding “Jitter” setting.
Random flip (x, y): This randomly flips the selected brush either across its x or y axis while painting.
Paint with dabs: Creates paint or sculpting “dabs” which occur at some set spacing - as determined by the “Spacing” control.
Rotate along stroke: When using brush alpha shapes that you want to align like the bristles of a brush - so that they change direction as the brush changes direction, all along the stroke use this option.
Skip eraser: Disables the “eraser layer” of the brush.
Strict alpha: Use this setting to cause both sculpting and painting brushes to strictly adhere to the shape defined by the brush alpha.
Flattened stroke: Use this brush setting to mimic Photoshop brushes for improved stroke overlapping with a truncated alpha shape.
Fade on edge: All strokes painted with this option checked will have a smoother edge transition.
Use spacing: When used with the “Paint with dabs” option, adjusting the “Spacing” percentage slider determines how close or far apart the paint dabs are applied.

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