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V4.5 BETA (experimental)

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Of course V4 beta testing was started long time ago in 4.1 thread. Now we will continue it here.


Google drive mirror (Now with all OS builds)

winicon.pngWindows [4.5.40]:

3D-Coat 32-bit

3D-Coat 64-bit


osxicon.pngMac OS X [4.5.40]:

Mac OS X Download Link


linuxicon.pngLinux [4.5.40]:

Linux Download Link


Updated to 4.5

  • Do NOT use beta builds in production if build is not marked as [sTABLE].
  • Keep backups of scenes, presets and materials. Better - do backup of folder MyDocs/3D-CoatV4

For example, rename it MyDocs/3D-CoatV4 to MyDocs/3D-CoatV4_OLD, run beta, work there. If you want to get back to 4.1.17D -  

rename or copy MyDocs/3D-CoatV4_OLD to MyDocs/3D-CoatV4



24.05.2016 4.5.40

- Bake->Update paint mesh with retopo mesh

- Fixed "Edit projetion in ext editor" issue in vertically aligned window.

- "Ignore back faces" works for Move tool in surface mode.

- nice bewel in primitives with "sector" option

15.05.2016 4.5.39

- BIG ONE: Baking multiple useful maps in Paint room->Textures->Light baking tool

- IMPORTANT (main reason of this build): fixed white spot issue

- Sculpt room : Geometry : Retopo mesh->Sculpt mesh

- Retopo: Update Paint Mesh with Retopo Mesh, it replaces geometry in paint room with retopo mesh

- updated installer. It registers Coat as usual program, it is now possible to uninstall each build from "Programs and components", each build has own place in start menu.

- Raul's tools included - QuadPaint etc. Pay attention that it are essentially BETA tools.

14.05.2016 4.5.38

- There is possibility to bake Sculpt objects onto current paint mesh. Retopo->Update paint mesh. It will keep painted textures and update normalmap and layers related to Sculpt volumes. It simplifies workflow when you need to change something in geometry on very late stage. Also you may bring paint mesh to sculpt room directly using Geometry->Paint mesh->Sculpt mesh.

- "Ignore back faces" works for Move tool in surface mode.

- If you select some voume via H key VoxTree will be scrolled to show selected volume.

- Material navigation in UV mapping mode tweaked (Speed of transformation).

- Color picker gets color from everywhere on screen. In color picker dialog clicking outside the picker window will pick color as well. "V" hotkey works there as well.

- Toggle Freeze works correctly.

- prim history works correctly for voxels as well.

30.04.2016 4.5.37 [beta]

- New splash screen :)

- Shift in Add/Split and Quads tools will cap the hole.

- Updated sort of smart materials. Additional panoramas.

- Fixed problem of navigation in render room in ortho projection mode.

- Fixed problems related to "View->View seams". It was showing seams + split normals on edges. Now it shows only seams.

- Fixed longstanding palette "Load" .aco files crash.

- fixed problem of moving collapsed maeria preview window

- AO correctly used for PBR materials for surface /voxels. There was problems since shaders unification.

- Transform/copy tool -> Import accepts not only psd files but regular images as well. It simplifies applying images over the model.

- PSD export/import corrected - metalness channel included in layers.

- Correct mip-mapping (no aliasing or blurring) for UV-mapping mode of masks application.

21.04.2016 4.5.36 [beta]

- Export constructor polished. Included a lot of presets for export for main engines and renders.

- Incremental render turned off for "Connform retopo mesh" mode for corret view.

- Minimal radius for spike/snake/muscle removed.

- CUDA and no-CUDA version unified, now all choice performed automatically.

17.04.2016 4.5.35 [beta]

- Export constructor done! It is very important feature to pack many channels into one texture in customable way. It will help to adopt 3D-Coat's texture export for any render or game engine. Look v-ray preset as example. There will be more presets for convenience.


- Smoother/angulator/sublivide got 3d lasso in e-panel

- Fixed proble related to saving/import vox tree chunks to 3B file

9.04.2016 4.5.34 [beta]

- Cut and Connect for lowpoly modeling in retopo room.


- New import option for PPP - import eah material as separate UV set.

- Fixed problem of "Apply symmetry" and mesh corruption.

- Relative paths to textures in exported OBJ files.

- Fixed problem of OBJ export, vertices are correctly distributed between objects, not concentrated in first one. This proble was the reason of C4D crashes durig import of Coat's obj files.

- When you paint with smart materials depth channel will replace current one on this layer instead of constant growing.

- Retopo shaders are pbr-compatible, retopo model lit in correspondence with panorama.

- 3D lasso selection quality improved a bit.

- Retopo->Apply symmetry messing polygons problem fixed.

27.03.2016 4.5.33 [beta]

- Shaders updated, correct rendering in render room, good sss for sculpt objects. See screenshots:

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

- Extrude faces, extrude vertices, Intrude, Shell implemented for retopo/select/faces mode.


- RMB->Share item/folder works correctly for PBR materials

- If "Material preview" window is collapsed it will not pop-up again when you are switching rooms.

20.03.2016 4.5.32 [beta]

- Correct preview of cube primitive with symmetry

- Fixed problem of welding retopo verties with symmetry

- Drag&Dropped 3dcpack files will be installed automatically.

- Fixed mesh corruption after series of Reample+Undo+Sculpt

16.03.2016 4.5.31 [beta]

- BIG library of primitives released, includes spirals, screws, etc.

- Corrected diffuse component rendering. It result with more contrast and pretty lighting. Now PBR looks really better and is well compatible with other engines.

- Rendering quality in render room improved. Now all samples are summarized with gamma correctio that leads to much better visual result.

- "Conform retopo" improved - Undo works correctly and reropo mesh visible during transformations.

- Crash in render room fixed.

- faster initial loading

- faster switching between panoramas

- several new studion - like greyscale panoramas.

4.03.2016 4.5.30 [beta]

- Fixed problems of metall rendering in render room.

- Grid pattern with new shaders is much less visible.

- LMB/RMB/MMB outside of Sculpt RMB menu will close the menu instead of sculpting action.

- RMB over object during navigation will not trigger RMB menu.

1.03.2016 4.5.29 [beta]

- Shading using PBR was essentially changed. Now GGX lighting natively supported. What does it actually means -

1) Almost all voxel sculpting shaders are PBR compatible now. Each shader has rich set of parameters, including different textures, sss, gloss, metalness, cavity and bulge settings. Very good support of cavity and bulge is present in realime.

2) All PBR shaders effects (except pseudo SSS effect) are exactly baked into paint room.

3) PicMat-s are also present but it is not guaraneed that they will be baked correctly, so use them only on intermediate stage.

4) GGX exact support means compatibility with most of current engines and renders.

5) Painting over mesh is "as is" without modulation on background shader color. But painting over layer 0 is disabled for voxels/surface.

- Factures included in this build (DX only). It is essentially beta stuff, so it is just for review. Factures are addional covering over the voxel/surface objects. We take tiled texture and mix it with random pieces seamlessly. It allows to cover meshes with tiled textures without tiling. Also it allows to texture objects without UV-s at all. It is very important for landscapes. It was developed long time ago, but now we decided to expose it as beta tool. To use factures go to Paint room, open Windows->Popups->Factures and select facture. Now paint over object. Textue will be modulated by selecteed color.


- Old shaders are disabled because shaders system was completely re-made.

- Old panoramas are disabled, you will need to add them as HDR or EXR files from scratch.

18.01.2016 4.5.28 [beta]

- Fixed Gloss export (was not modulated by curves, was inverted)

- Fixed Extude (and other voxel brushes) + stamp issue

- Fixed crash related to PBR preview

- load/save camera shortcut in [Camera] menu

17.01.2016 4.5.27 [beta]

- fixed crash in LC.

- Fixed problem of retopo models panel - see http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1506

15.01.2016 4.5.26 [beta]

- Big and important! Anti-atiased painting introduced everywhere - vertex paintg, ppp, mv, ptex. It is applied to stencils, materials, brushes, text, curved pictures.

See examples (stencils) - https://t.co/zI9lOpLUBt , text - https://t.co/iLTQsmmaik

- Export of metallness is possible in gloss/specular color workflow as well.

- Export dialog got controls to correct exported textures via gamma and curves correction (preparing to make good presets for all renders).

- Move via brush tool in retopo room will not snap vertex to cursor position even if thre is only one vertex in brush.

- Contours for cutting may be saved in UV and Retopo rooms, look in Commands->Save contour. Files may be saved as EPS or DXF. It is very useful for real thing production - like shoes or acryl details.

4.5.25 [beta]

- problem of loosing PBR materials probably fixed, but anyway requires careful checking.

- Edge loops with SHIFT + click in retopo/select/edges mode

- 3D spline points from E-panel may be transformed by gizmo and re-snapped to surface using "Attach to surface" without flattening.

- The problem of painting over mirrored islands at least partially resolved. Now there is option in preferences "Prevent double painting over stacked UV islands". See description there. 90% of cases require this option to be turned off.

- Resolved little scripting issue - 3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2056

- Cancel in Smart materials editor will remove only completely empty materials (they appear if you press + button). Previously condition for removing was less strict.

- If you you are in 3D selection E-mode, loading spline will not switch you to 2D spline mode. Transforming 3D spline with gizmo is also allowed.

- If you bake multiple times same scene again and again, 3D-Coat asks if results of previous baking shouls be deleted.

- Re-organised retopo commands a bit - separated commands applicable to currect tool and to whole mesh.

- Free extrude command in select/edges retopo toolset

- Group # instad of Layer # for default names for paint groups.

- In retopo->edges->tranform ENTER will commit extrusion as well as in faces mode.

- Selection retopo transform gizmo got "Auto in local cpace" checkbox.

- Retopo/transform tool works correctly also in case when elements selected from both sides.

- ENTER in retopo transform/extrude tools will commit extrusion.

- More safe moving materials to other folders

- Rename material folder corrected

- fixed problem of spline stroke that may work incorrectly over transformed volumes.

16.11.2015 4.5.23 [beta]

- fixed problem of non-boolean fail over non intersecting objects.

- Non-boolean merge all/merge subtree

- Corrected drag&drop to pbr editor

- fixed problem of color picker/swatches dialog

- fixed picking in ppp mode

14.11.2015 4.5.22 [beta]

- several options for padding method in Preferences.

- fixed stepping problem in Pose tool - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1762

- Image may be directly dropped onto Smart matrial editor slots

- Textures->Import ao/cavity corrected to import textures for different uv-sets on the same layer

- Fixed crash in polgon painting mode

- Clear selection command in Retopo/Select path

- Flip faces comand in retopo/select

- Capsule caps parameters are working correctly now.

6.11.2015 4.5.21 [beta]

- Merge/move without boolean combining inserted in VoxTree RMB options.

- Capsule caps parameters are working correctly now.

- Fixed problem of dark spots near seams in per-pixel painting approach if narrow pen used.

- fixed diferent problems related to dropdown menus.

- scripting updated, see Vox object and manual.

30.10.2015 4.5.20 [beta]

- PPP painting speed essentially grown especially for big texture resolution, big polygons, materials dependent on cavity.

- More/less button supported for stencils.

- Fixed problem of FPS dropdown in scenes with imported multiobject meshes.

- ESC in retopo/transform will not clear selection

- Tools in space panel ajusted in a bit more logical order.

- PBR preview works correctly with N-gons.

- "Tiling" recovered, now works with stencils again

- drawing long lines in UV window works correctly


11.10.2015 4.5.19 [stable]


- retopo strokes are working over paint objects as well

- X button in transform tool moves objact, not just gizmo

8.10.2015 4.5.18 [stable]

- 3D-Printing function included in PRO version (edu does not include it because we want to make special cheap version specialized on 3D-printing). Look File->Export for 3D printer for details.


- Import color wil import onto new layer instead of overwritung current. Operation is undoable.

- Retopo strokes mode supports Lasso, rectangle, ellipse, spline E-mode


- Incorrect import/export vertex color with WRL fixed.

- Crash related to cavity calculation related to mirrored UV sets fixed.

- Correct preview image for PSD files. It means that packages that use preview image from PSD file instad of layers summ will correctly read PSD files from Coat. It s for example Unity and Blender.

- Fixed multiple problems related to paint/transform tool.

- Fixed pose undo problem that was able to make non-undoable mesh corruption.

- Eraser with CTRL in brush tool works correctly even if CTRL released earlier that LMB.

- Color picker works correctly over invisible layer

- Fixed problem of layer selection through opacity layer in pop-p windows

- Measure tool tweaked to be more convenient - fixed problem of line disappearing when other measure curve/point clicked.

- Left align for all list windows

- More/less button in materials control panel got logical description how it works. It is applicable for cubemapping as well.

- If two merged paint layers are using same blending mode, merge down will not drop blending to default one.

20.09.2015 4.5.17 [sTABLE]

- removing smart material folders fixed

- Fixed: more on flat/curved was not working as paint conditions in paint room.

- Fixed problem of freezing of projection editing in external editor.

- Resolved problem with trial extension keys

- Fixed merge down problems

29.08.2015 4.5.16 [sTABLE]

- restored Projection scale

- Fixed Fill whole layer/Refill layer in UV mapping mode

- SHIFT LMB - rotate panorama, SHIFT RM - blur panorama, it is good to estimate glare of the model. Need to re-select navigation scheme to get this.

- Correct offset on VoxLayer tool in "Average normal" mode

- Fixed length corrected in measure tool in scenes with scale

23.08.2015 4.5.15 [sTABLE]

- fixed Symm copy in retopo tool

- uniform movement in FPS mode

17.08.2015 4.5.14 [sTABLE]

- fixed problem with floating undocked windows.

- measure scale fixed

14.08.2015 4.5.12

- Important addition - [Camera]->Look along normal to focus camera on point using picked normal

- Smart material rotation control acts on UV mapping projection type as well. Very important for laying wood texture.

- scripting file io and execute commands

- Sketchfab compatibility improved - there was problems when UV sets and materials have different names.

- fill patterns restored

9.08.2015 4.5.11

- curves models profiles restored

7.08.2015 4.5.10

- UDIM export tiles order corrected, now it corresponds to original placement of tiles.

- Sketch tool got more precise painting - shape size exactly corresponds to pen size and lasso painting, no more inward extrusion.

- Click to pick restored in transform tool

- To main axis/to center mass in pose tool

- Updated description in Sketch tool, fixed little problems there.

- Included all OpenCL changes

3.08.2015 4.5.09

- OpenCL tweaked to solve existing problems.

- Started refactoring. And seems it leads to functionaliny tweaking as well. Uncluttering allowed to use "On plane" in surface tools. It is in "Flattern tool" that may be really uselul.

28.07.2015 4.5.08

- AO OpenCL baking routine problems fixed.

- Cube with fillet primitive

- Sphere primitiv density fixed

19.07.2015 4.5.07

- Very fast OpenCL based AO calculation routine!

- Fixed problem with projection painting.

- voxels->plane tool got forward/back buttons with + - hotkeys for ease of plane positioning.

- fixed several small issues of new measure tool (undo of manually edit coordinates, doubleclick to finish chunk, auto erase empty chunks)

- fixed click to place issue for sphere primitive.

16.07.2015 4.5.06

- Essentially updated measure tool (completely redone)

- Crash related to layers fixed.

- fixed problem of ao/shadow rendering in GL version for ppp/mv/ptex

- Sripting updated: Mat4

- Color of seams and drawn strokes in preferences.

9.07.2015 4.5.05A

- fixed seams problems after opening mesh (it was happening in some cases).

- fixed crash in "Image as mesh"+bend.

8.07.2015 4.5.05

- Image as Mesh primitive.

- Split in voxels works correctly with Border width (in voxel mode)

- Color of seams and drawn strokes in preferences.

- "On Plane" option in "Import" tool to be able to draw with objects outside the current object.

- fixed scripting issue - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1940

- AutoMap (retopo/uv room)- exactly same method of unwrapping as used in import dialog for automapping. It is planar mapping with test of clusters self-intersection. This method is most stable and eats any (even nonmanifold) geometry but creates too many islands.

- Scripting updated: Mat4

3.07.2015 4.5.04

- Auto retopology quality improved. Still does not like too much guides.

- very important problem of snapping retopo vertices to back faces of retopo mesh fixed.

- Indenting in paint curve tool with CTRL recovered

- Fixed problem with unweld vertices in SymmCopy command in surface mode.

- Fixed a lot of problems of automapping over very complex objects. It is important for AO/light maps over levels/complex objects.

- Old-style quadrangulation restored as is for those who liked it.

- Flat subdivision in "Import" tool for facetng.

- Scrpting got major update, classes Mat4, Vec3 introduced, first functions to use them - SetCurVolumeTransform, GetCurVolumeTransform

- Retopo room: single tweaked point always snaps to visible surface and vever dives into surface.

- Fixed problem of leaking projection from photoshop to background layer if distance between layers is small.


- Seamless ppp import - there was problem with auto-imported objects textures seams.

- "Import" tool with "Import w/o voxelizing" will not merge together all volumes (it was happening randomly previously)

- correct rendering of "_negative" objects in "Import tool" (ex merge)

- Complete Japanese characters set included, english version loads faster due to skipping loading texture with complete character set.

- Fixed problem during loading of scenes where some volumes was isolated using ALT-click.

- Copy/paste problem fixed - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=253

- New disconnected UV islands will be auto-unwrapped without collapsing to spot afer switching to other retopo tool if Retopo->Auto update ... is turned ON

27.05.2015 4.5.01

- Space menu click on command fixed - dialog was appearing under menu.

- separate VoxTree item exported to separate materials/surfaces for ease of assigning materials/effects in exernal tools.

- UDIM + PBR compatibility problems fixed, there was problems with seams.

- Fixed VoxHide and Unhide all issue #0001892

- Fixed problem with he adjustment and cancel. Generally wider problem fixed.

- Copy/paste smart material layers

- Item in Preferences->View: Allow material navigation via LMB/RMB dragging in viewport

- UI fix: clicking outside the check box will not trigger the value.

- Exploding mesh during resolution changing in ppp & show displaced mesh mode fixed.

- Sphere tool with "Draw from first point" corrected, was almost unusable.

24.05.2015 4.5.00

- Smart material preview brightness independent on scene brightness

- Torus/spiral primitives faces size brought to same standard as other primitives.

- Isolate and undo are interacting correctly

- Copy channels supports vertex painting

- Import for vertex painting will import color into Layer1 instead of Layer0

21.05.2015 4.5.RC1

- Color swatches work correctly - edit/insert/etc, adding new color leads to immediate saving.

- Fill tool gradient points are pickable even over empty space.

- Reset material to factory defaults will not crash material editor, Reset button present in material editor.

- Removed rest of glossiness mentioning in roughness approach (Edit->Edit all roughness layers, Layers->Import/export menu).

- fixed undo and layer opacity issue #0001748

- Fixed crashes in Japanese version.

- Optional greyscale mode for panoramas introduced to avoid colors distortion. Look View->Greyscale panorama.

- Import roughness works correctly.

- More accurate and non-spotty work of freeze in paint room.

15.05.2015 4.5.BETA20

- "Save as new" button in material editor.

- Freeze tool in paint room supports pen pressure and tapering in all paint modes.

- PBR materials replaced with Smart materials in texts

- Fixed lasso painting in ppp with symmetry - artifacts was very probable.

- fixed picker of gloss/metalness in vertex paint mode

- Roughness correctly shown in Texture editor.

- Roughness/Metalness set as default approach

- Fixed migration master to be copy all marked information correctly.

11.05.2015 4.5.BETA19

- Workfolder changed 3D-CoatV4->3D-CoatV45. Use Help->Migration master to copy data to the new location.

- Fixed flat/curved conditions in PBR materials

- Undo and cut&clone issue fixed - #0001854

- fixed color picker hard crash

- fixed crash when 3d-coat exits

- Axis lengs correspond to grid size

- Stencils correctly mapped over the model in UV mapping mode

- Presets and "Modulate Tapering with pen pressure" issue fixed - #0001852

- Removed double "Apply UV set" offering in case when UV-s already applied.

- fixed seams over PBR preview

- Fixed incorrect PBR preview in orthographic mode

- Fixed seamd=s that appear on baked normalmap after baking on multiple UV sets.

- More stable automapping independent on no-manifolds.

- Rotate around custom point via 'F' become more consistent, it jut works now.

- ppp import for big textures and big meshes speeded up at least twice

26.04.2015 4.5 BETA18

- Bright PBR fill preview fixed

- In z-up mode choosing reference images corresponds to changed axis names.

- Color swatches window appearance and RMB problems fixed.

- Problem with (trial) in the header solved

- Removed little plane-cut spots in Undercuts tool.

- fixed scale&quality problems in bas-relief tool

18.04.2015 4.5 BETA17

- You may optionally store glossiness or roughness in alpha channel of metal texture (in dependence on approach).

- Fixed seams if islands partially outside 0..1 UV range

- Correct scaling retopo mesh imported in empty scene.

- Scenes with reference meshes opened correctly (no checker)

14.04.2015 4.5 BETA16B

- Screen refreshes after choosing panorama from the list

- Fixed stamp mode painting in surface mode (mesh was disappearing)

- Reference meshes displayed correctly

11.04.2015 4.5 BETA16A

- fixed flickering in LC/RS

- fixed nonmanifold freezing in retopo room

- fixed opacity of stamp preview issue

10.04.2015 4.5 BETA16

- Occlusion for ppp/mv speeded up 7-10 times. It takes normalmap into account as well.

- Fixed problem of non-centered gizmo in 3d-lasso selection

- Fixed possible slowdown when switching between tools/rooms

- Pose tool Undo problem resolved

- Scaling/moving in UV window will scale/move material over uv window.

- fixed: materials gizmo is under docked UV window.

- Problem of ugly seams over multi-uv-ed model solved.

- camera->front/back/top/bottom... views in Z-up mode correspond to Rhino and other Z up editors.

- Snapping of E-mode splines/lasso points to vertical/horizontal/45 degrees lines with SHIFT

- If pure retopo mesh imported (in empty scene) it will be scaled in similar way as ppp mesh to avoid problem with tiny retopo mesh in scene.

- Seamless painting over mixed overlapped / non-ovelapped UV-s in case when symmetry turned on. For example, body is not overlapped, but two arms share same space on UV. Previously seamless painting in this case was impossible.

- UV room got better support of models with sharp edges (via smoothing groups). Click on uv preview/face will select whle island, not separate face.

- Sphere tool works correctly in empty space

- Fill works with multiple UV sets

26.03.2015 4.5 BETA15

- Finished multi-uv seamless painting. Seams between uv sets are as good as seams between islands in the same uv-set.

- Rendering with alpha channel in render room restored.

- Objectify hidden works for surface mode as well.

- Front/left/right... correspond to Rhino and other Z-up editors in Swap YZ mode.

15.03.2015 4.5 BETA14

- Roughness workflow completely supported in UI

- Swap YZ is now better compatible with all Z - up editors. Previously Y and X axis was visually swapped.

- Blurring panoramas button instantly refreshes viewport

- Fixed problem of disappearing baked polygons in paint room.

- freeze correctly shown in all modes

- Torus primitive included

- Modulators for gloss/roughness introduced in layers blending panel.

8.03.2015 4.5.BETA13A

- fixed long loading of some 3b files

- masks are used in materials correctly

6.03.2015 4.5.BETA13

- Finished render room update, rendering using panorama lights supported!

- Undo lag on highpoly objects fixed

- Fixed problem of "parasite" background transparency inside semitransparent controls/guides in incremental render mode.

- Possibility to open Autosave directly from File menu.

- UV mapping corrected, v-direction flipped

- Blur/sharpen panorama control in navi bar

- Color transformations will not be applied to normalmap layer in "Apply to al" mode.

- Crash related to vertex painting and undo fixed.

- Space panel size decreased even more.

- Problem of saving Vox Hide hidden data solved. How all may be restored after reopening the scene.

- Broken small-scale curves problem fixes

- ggx supported very well!

- Export of AO/curvature in unified export dialog

- Draw on plane option got additional constraints - XY,YZ and ZX planes.

13.02.2015 4.5 BETA12

- Important!! AntiBump smoothing method done (see smoothing dropdown list). It allows to achieve ideally smooth surface even if some high - frequency details drawn.

- Fill tool parameters extended in gradient mode. Numerical input, xyz aligning, swapping, flipping - http://bit.ly/1J7eDKN

- Invert mirror works correctly in retopo room

- Panorama manager included into navi panel

- Fixed set of instabilities related to UI

- Tapering angle in Undercuts/bas-relief

- Size of SPACE menu decreased twice.

- Unnecessary and cluttering hotheys in left menu hidden.

31.01.2015 4.5. BETA11

- Fixed incorrect brush rotation with symmetry.

- Lists formatting fixed

- Seamlessness of ppp painting improved, interpolation of pixels from other side is more acurate.

- If panorama was used at least once, it will be cached, next switch to the same panorama will be very quick.

- isolate/ghosting by hotkey acts on volume under cursor or on current if empty space picked.

- Correct hotkeys showing in VoxTree RMB menu

- UI optimized a bit, fps in scene grown.

- Created good hints for Object-ify (Decompose)

- Improved alphas creation from pictures, inserted extended hint to describe how picture will be transformed to alpha.

29.01.2014 4.5 BETA10

- Fixed possible lag in PBR preview window (fps dropdown to 25 even if nothing changed).

- Materials gizmo is now over all windows including UV editor.

- Toggle visibility / ghosting / isolate is in Geometry menu, hotkey may be assigned.

- Layers dialog corrected - metal opacity had wrong aligning.

- Left align in VoxTree, no flickering during resize.

- Fixed problem of icons disappearing in voxtree.

- Hotkeys may be assigned to VoxTree->Merge,Subtract etc functions.

- Fixed symmetry pivot picking - it was remaining pen spot after picking.

- Super important change for painters:


26.01.2014 4.5 BETA9

- Longstanding problem with crashes in UV room/automapping solved.

- PBR materials gizmo moves correctly in all mapping modes, hovering preview rectangle with gizmo will not hide material preview.

- Mapping in PBR materials correctly treated - no more locked to mappaint that set in material settings. Preview in rectangle corresponds to mapping type in the top bar.

- Different preview introduced for planar/uv mapping of PBR materials.

- Restored edit projection

- Updating preview should be much less laggy. I increased sliders responsiveness that affect any changes in PBR preview.

23.01.2014 4.5 BETA8

- Picture on curve supports metalness.

- Picker (V) picks metalness as well.

- Different crashes fixed.

- Undo in VoxLayer really returns into prev state without leaving new layer

- Accident pop-up of stroke properties window prevented. Now it appears when you will hover mouse for 0.3 sec over the button, not immedately

- There is possibility to pick pivot point and axis directions in transform tool - http://bit.ly/1t1AqfN

- Corrected cube primitive density problem

- Fixed sticky keys problem (incorrect treating ctrl, alt, shift)

- Fixed Split&Joints problem - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1722

19.01.2014 4.5 BETA7

- Convert old materials should work correctly

- several clone tool problems fixed: cline from outside area, correct blenshading of color and gloss/metal, "through all volumes" works correctly.

- Import gloss/metal has now channel picking dialog.

- thumbnails will refresh more adequately - when layer or it's blending options are changed.

- Blending options for layers are organised better, operations separated into sections, gloss and metalness has now same options.

- In lock panorama mode screen refreshed when you rotate panorama. But panoramas management is still under construction....

- layers folder support metalness/gloss

16.01.2015 4.5 BETA6

- correct texture UV editor view

- robot/preview sphere included in distributive

- Objectify was super slow. I fixed it in beta6. Extra functionality in objectify - removing small flying noise, unifying small pieces, decomposing to child volumes, sorting by size.

- 3D-Coat now may import object space normal maps (with auto conversion to tangent space). It guarantees normalmaps compatibility.

- "Draw on plane" extended on Curves/Text/Snake clay

- Fixed seams problem in ppp - colored pixels near the seam in some cases.

- View seams in paint room - bit.ly/1shKfFR

8.01.2015 4.5 BETA5

- Fixed crash in pose tool

- Fixed crash in fill tool

- GL version works!

- snake fixed

- fixed problem with sliders numerical input in Layer blending palette

- panoramas updated

- different small stuff like default hotkeys

6.01.2015 4.5 BETA4

- Important!! fixed critical problem related to broken export.

- Compatibility/GGX/Blinn-phong shading. Compatibility shading preserves colors as well as previous coat's shading but is able to use advantages of PBR.

- PBR preview in paintbrush mode

- new materials


3.01.2015 4.5 BETA3


- fixed problems related to rename/move/duplicate items in folders. Need te be carefully checked anyway.

- HDR support for panoramas. Panoramas will be auto - leveled. I included several really good panoramas i Panoramas/ folder, set other default panorama.

- Materials in 4.5 will not destroy 4.1 materials and vice versa. New mats has extension .pbrm instead of .xml. But if you want to use older materials - use Edit->Convert materials

- Top row conditions are now same as in materials. Realtime preview should work correctly for both - paint conditions and materials.

- View separate channels - color/specular color/gloss/metalness

- a lot of paint problems solved.

- UDIM naming for UV-sets supported with tiled import. Fixed seams problem related to tiled import.


24.12.2014 4.5.BETA2

- Option "Lock transparency" in "Layers blending" option works correctly for metalness and all tools.

- RMB over material allows to re-fill with the material all non-transparent area. It allows to change easily the material used for layer.

- bugs related to material folders fixed.

20.12.2014 4.5.BETA1

- PBR & Smart PBR materials introduced.

- a lot of bugfixes.

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4.5.b1 CUDA took forever to load...got that white-wash "not responding" screen, so I waited a while for it to finish.  I did load, but it also may have taken a bit because of my firewall.  It loaded my presets, just fine.  It's weird going back to 3DC after using ZBrush so much lately.  I keep trying to increase brush strength using S.


I also like the preset buttons.  I wonder how well that will work when you have tons of them, though.  I take it the new procedural material system didn't make it in...never mind, I found it beside Stencils.  I just don't know how to apply it.  Pulling up one of my own "materials" ends up showing just a blank sheet.


EDIT:  OK, so I was able to see the material by changing from the default Cube Mapping to Camera, but I have to do that every time I pull one up and painting over it in the Voxel Room onto the sculpture doesn't appear to have any effect.  I also noticed that if I load the DX .exe, it shows I'm using 4.5.b1(CUDA), but if I load the GL one, it shows I'm using 4.1.17D(CUDA).


This yellow adjuster also appeared out of thin air as I was right clicking to adjust my brush size:




I can't recall what it does and I certainly don't want it in my way.


It would also be nice to be able to get the environment back on a reset, rather than having chosen an un-preferred environment image and not knowing how to get back to default.

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  • Advanced Member

Curious as to know when a Linux PBR 4.5 beta will be released. Are you going to work through problems discovered in the windows version first before releasing a Linux beta?

Awesome!  :D  I too am looking forward to the Linux version, any ETA?  

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4.5.b1 CUDA took forever to load...got that white-wash "not responding" screen, so I waited a while for it to finish.  I did load, but it also may have taken a bit because of my firewall.  It loaded my presets, just fine.  It's weird going back to 3DC after using ZBrush so much lately.  I keep trying to increase brush strength using S.


I also like the preset buttons.  I wonder how well that will work when you have tons of them, though.  I take it the new procedural material system didn't make it in...never mind, I found it beside Stencils.  I just don't know how to apply it.  Pulling up one of my own "materials" ends up showing just a blank sheet.


EDIT:  OK, so I was able to see the material by changing from the default Cube Mapping to Camera, but I have to do that every time I pull one up and painting over it in the Voxel Room onto the sculpture doesn't appear to have any effect.  I also noticed that if I load the DX .exe, it shows I'm using 4.5.b1(CUDA), but if I load the GL one, it shows I'm using 4.1.17D(CUDA).


This yellow adjuster also appeared out of thin air as I was right clicking to adjust my brush size:




I can't recall what it does and I certainly don't want it in my way.


It would also be nice to be able to get the environment back on a reset, rather than having chosen an un-preferred environment image and not knowing how to get back to default.




A number of things:


1) Too many materials? I requested a way to tag and search materials, ala dDo and Substance. I think it's really necessary especially since  you can have so many of them. I think then we could just have one folder, and not worry so much about organizing them, as long as they are tagged. So if you want this too, we should start a Trello for it, or maybe Andrew will just do it. ;)


2) The material gizmo shouldn't be showing up like that all the time, it was happening to me too. It's a bug. Mantis time.


3) Watch my latest video, it show you how to put a material together.


4) Only use the DX version for now. Andrew noted above that GL was not updated, but still included.


5) To change the environment, you can do so under the Camera button (top right of the viewport). At the moment the options are limited, I'm hoping for some more that I requested with Andrew.

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Pbr preview looks nice, but I can't do "normal view".

I can't assign multiple preset to different part of my model.


This is probably because I don't understand how it works but for a first time this is pretty discouraging.



Hey dude.


When you say normal view, do you mean the normals?


Assigning multiple presets to different parts of your model must be done manually, so it's slower than dDo in this regard. The upside is that you can control exactly where they are placed by brushing, or using Stroke modes, the closed curves and lasso modes work pretty well here. I think the idea behind them hasn't really changed from what they were before they became "PBR" materials, they are still really stamps of a sort.


To place them quickly I've found that I paint a Color ID map, then just use the fill tool to fill those areas with the PBR Mats I want. Upside to that is you can then, if you need to, use the Color ID map you created in another tool or engine.

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  • Contributor

When I say I can't do "normal view" I mean, if I don't go into fill mode to bring the pbr preview gizmo I get no pbr shading.


As for assigning multiple materials to a model I don't get it. At all. Would love a quick explanation in that regard, cause right now all I get is a single mat applied to the entire model and it's changed as soon as I click another mat (not sticking to parts).

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When I say I can't do "normal view" I mean, if I don't go into fill mode to bring the pbr preview gizmo I get no pbr shading.


As for assigning multiple materials to a model I don't get it. At all. Would love a quick explanation in that regard, cause right now all I get is a single mat applied to the entire model and it's changed as soon as I click another mat (not sticking to parts).



Ok cool. Yeah, that makes sense.


For PBR shading to work, which IMHO I'm not sure is entirely 100% PBR accurate (only Andrew could say I'm guessing), you need to turn on an environment map from the Camera button. There should be one selected by default. If there isn't one, let me know and I'll post one up for you to try.


I'll see what I can do about recording a quick demo video for applying the mats. I'll type up a longer response here in a few as well.

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Ok, to apply mats, just use the regular painting tools, like the paint brush, airbrush, pencil and fill tool. If you're familiar with dDo, ignore what you know there, those things don't apply here. PBR Materials in 3DC are no different than they were before, when applying them. The fill tool will fill the entire area, the brush tool (and other alpha respecting tools, airbrush, pencil, etc.) allow you to paint them on directly.





  • Activate a PBR Material
  • Choose a tool to apply it with (brush, pencil, airbrush, etc.)
  • Make sure depth, color, gloss and metal are on where applicable (and values higher than 100%)
  • and stroke them on


When using the fill tool, it will fill entire areas of the mesh as before, whether it's using surface materials, disconnected mesh islands, objects or a layer. That's only good if all you want to do is fill huge swaths. Now, where it comes in handy is when you paint an area with a single solid color. Then use the fill tool. I'm in the process of working up a video with this in mind.

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Cool! Glad you got it working for you. :) I sent Andrew a few, but I'm not sure if they are part of the distro or not. Let me know, and I can upload them for you to dissect or use the image maps to make others.

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  • Advanced Member

I did some cool looking painting!....but I just cannot get it to export the obj with textures without a crash? Anyone exported?


Edit ..I managed to get something exportd be deleting an obj and unhiding something else ....but dont really know what is happening.

         I am trying to render in Carrara but have no clue how to make it look like the Coat image.....( massive sad face)

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  • Contributor

I meant the file format (.hdr), not HDR as in High Dynamic Range. Probably I shouldn't use the caps.

For now if I want to load it into 3D-Coat, I need to manually convert it to .exr first.

Most of HDR environment maps on the Internet usually come as .hdr files, and majority of software supports this format. Hence my question.

It's not a big deal, just something that would be nice to have.

Edited by ajz3d
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Is there a way to switch off the PBR , I have set the background back to vertical gradient and I can still see the effect and the reflecton from the panoramic image. Is this how it is supposed to work? I thought the lighting would go back to how it was if you reverted back to the gradient background.

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Hey there folks,


Glad to see 3DCoat adapting PBR. While playing around with it today I noticed a few issues. I am using the same EXR in Unity 5 (Beta 17) and also in Substance Painter and now in 3DCoat to make sure I am using the same lighting conditions to compare. While it all looks good in Unity and Substance Painter, it doesn't in 3DCoat. The lighting has an odd green touch to it and seems generally darker. Normal maps also seem very flat currently (see image). No matter what settings I have in the shader (normal map cranked up) it always looks rather flat and uninspiring compared to Substance Painter/Designer/Unity. 


What are the plans currently on exposing more light/rendering features in viewport? Is what I am looking at in the viewport rendered in Linear color space? Also, are there any plans for further post effects like Tone Mapping, etc? 


I am aware that this is a first public beta. With that said I also hope that there will be performance improvements as some PBR materials act very laggy when trying to paint and I have pretty beefy hardware.




Edited by Thomas P.
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