New Modeling Room with classic low-poly modeling toolset added.

New paradigm introduced: Start with the Fast Low-poly modeling for the base form, then make a Sculpt Mesh with Subdivision and add details in the Sculpt room:

The Modeling workspace is merely an extension of the Retopo Workspace, which already had a lot of polymodeling tools, so the user could do a fair amount of modeling within 3DCoat, if they wanted to.


The video demonstrates the beginner's guide to the Modeling Room in 3DCoat 2022. Modeling Room UI.


The video demonstrates the beginner's guide to the Modeling Room in 3DCoat 2022. Navigation.


The video demonstrates the beginner's guide to the Modeling Room in 3DCoat 2022. Primitives and Selections. Part 1.

The new modeling workspace just builds off of that, and it is just the start. Booleans will likely be addressed at some point after the release.

- Added a Script command generator in the primitive tool, Sculpt, and Retopo rooms. You can save your actions in a script file, change your primitive parameters in the script and run it again.

- Added the support of Modeling and Retopo primitives via Scripts. You can use the retopo classes for creating the primitives in the Retopo and Modeling room via scripts.

- Added the new tools for creating 2D primitives for Modeling and Retopo rooms. You can create the 2D primitives (circle, box, plane, ellipse, N-gon, disk, triangle).

- Added the Record Script button in the top menu. The button changes the color depending on the record state. If the button is red then the script is recording, the blue button indicates that the recording is stopped.

- Added the boolean operations for retopo primitives in Retopo and Modeling room. You can create primitives using the boolean operations add, subtract, intersect, split.

- .

In this video you can see a live-subdivided version of the also visible low-poly cage.

- How do you activate that mode?
- Yousung: This option can be activated in Modeling Room and Retopo Room.
You can use it by checking Sculpt Mesh in the upper Mesh menu.
If you want to switch to a Sculpt Mesh while working, press Unlink Sculpt Mesh.
If you want to see the poly model transparently like the video (if you want to see only the Sculpt mesh) just lower the Opacity value at the top.

How to Create a Ship Model from Scratch using 3DCoat. TimeLapse.

. Low-Poly Modeling with Live Smooth.
. Full 3D Modeling Pipeline.
. Intro to Polygon Modelling.

Fast sculpting pipeline, using Polygonal Modeling and New Brush engine.
. Fast Sculpting Pipeline: Polygonal Modeling.

Create a Sculpt Mesh with Subdivision from a Poly mesh:
. Create a Sculpt Mesh from a Poly mesh.

This video demonstrates full modeling pipeline in 3DCoat 2021, including Polygonal modelling & PBR Texturing: Reference-based Polygonal Modeling.

This video begins a simple demonstration of a few of the new Modeling tools in 3DCoat 2021, some of which are Curve-based:
. Modeling Tools Demo serie.

This video demonstrates the use of 2 new tools in the Modeling room with the help of imported .iges curves (the extra module for export/import of .iges curves will be available after the 3DCoat 2021 release): . Surface by Two Views & Surface Loft. Use of .IGES Curves.

. Question: Trying out live subdivision, and after activating symmetry and extruding, the symmetry is not present in the subdivided result. How come?

Answer: When you use Symmetry in Modeling Room, it appears to be working symmetrically in the viewport, but it is actually in a state before it was created.
It's because of Mesh - Virtual Mirror Mode, do Apply Symmetry or You need to do Symmetry Copy from Polygroups.

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